Den Bosch will soon have a “green” bridge.  The bridge will connect the Paleiskwartier (Palace Quarter) with downtown Den Bosch that has earned it the temporary name, Ponte Palazzo. The total length of the bridge will be 250 meters with a width of 10-13 meters and will be used exclusively for slow traffic.
There are various reasons this particular design by Benthem Crouwel Architects was a winner. The length of the construction is one reason and another is the material used. The entire construction is made with folded steel whereby the folds give added strength. What makes the bridge even more remarkable is that it is not only a simple “fly over” it is, in fact, a lifted “green” ribbon.
The plan reminds one of the redundant railroad routes that are now planted. However, here the train will still be in use below the bridge. There are hidden stairwells within the “legs” of the bridge and thought is being put into having a glass elevator along side the stairwell.

From the planning notes:
We propose to use the bridge in the form of a park giving it a similar ambience connecting it with the view of the still green inundation zone “De Gement.” The bridge will be a lounge offering a view of historical Den Bosch. The folds in the steel offer enough space for planters for trees. Branches from several large trees in the field below poke through an intended opening in the bridge. Other parts of the bridge are paved. Yet other areas of the bridge are supplied with grids enabling grasses and other low-lying plants to poke through while at the same time keeping the walkway free. Various areas on the bridge will have a layer of soil approximately 20 cm deep with small plants. The bicycle path will be heated in order to keep it ice free and therefore unsalted. The CorTen steel used in the bridge would be damaged through the use of salt.

Paleisbrug Den Bosch NL by Benthem Crouwel Architects Amsterdam NL

Client: Municipality of Den Bosch
Design: Benthem Crouwel Architecten B.V. bna
Construction advisor: Arup Amsterdam