Klaus Zahn

Klaus Zahn is among architects a pioneer in ecological and biological building construction and energy questions.

Coming from the southwest of Germany with its tradition of natural health care and ecological building he has established a bureau for holistic building and planning at Freiburg and Berlin.
Besides building he also is teaching, lecturing and editing: Co-editor of the German magazine „Wohnen und Gesundheit“ (Housing and Health) and Biotope City Journal.

He also organizes congresses and meetings on the issue of ecological building, as 2007, the congress „Ökologisches Bauen“ of the Green Party at the German Parliament in Berlin.

Bureau Berlin
Rauchstrasse 1
+49-30 214 798 08
Bureau Freiburg
Erbprinzenstrasse 18
79098 Freiburg
tel +49-761 704 2679