Daniel Hoewekamp

*1977, studied in Aachen and Bordeaux and is architect and building biologist. He aims to create living environments which interact in a positive way with their inhabitants’ body and mind.

In 2008 he set up the bureau AAYU architects which he runs together with Luigi Pucciano ans Urs Hasenberg and the team Stefanie Tseggai, Katarzyna Lawicka and Olaf Kramer.

Beside his job as an architect in Amsterdam he runs biological investigations on dwellings and researches the possibilities of bio-logic urban housing. As guiding line of his work with AAYU architects he hads set up URBAN BIO LOGIC.

2008- now:   guest lecturer TU-Delft
2008   foundiging aayu architecten, Amsterdam
2007   Arons en Gelauff, Amsterdam
2003-2006   Group A, Rotterdam
2000/2003  Veauthier Arch./Anderhalten Arch., Berlijn (D)
1999   Duncan Lewis arch., Angers (F)
2003/2006   volonteer in Russia, India and France
2005-2006   study building biology IBN
1995-2002   study architecture / urban design RWTH Aken (D) / EAP Bordeaux (F

dipl.ing. architect
bouwbioloog IBN

aayu architecten
Nieuwpoortkade 2A
1055 RX Amsterdam
T +31(0)20 6060711