Alfred Meyers

He graduated cum laude in 1975 as a successful interior architect
and studied Architecture at the Academy of Architecture in NL-Amsterdam from 1985 until 1991.

Today he is senior lecturer at HAN University of Applied Sciences, Department of Built Environment, Building Engineering & Architecture and guest lecturer at East-Carolina University, North Carolina, USA and developer educational curricula and educational course programs.

Designing interiors of libraries, restaurants, conference centers and hospitals, social housing projects in Amsterdam, next at architectural office of Aldo en Hanny van Eyck, NL-Amsterdam involved in projects are ESA-Estec Conference Center at NL-Noordwijk and seven psychiatric hospital pavilions at NL-Boekel.
In Germany he founded the international architectural and engineering consultancy office ‚the Odeskon Group’: wide range of design and feasibility studies for housing projects, urban design, leisure parks, etc. and projects in Germany, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, California USA.