Webinar by Margarete Eller

The “Gartenwerkstatt” is Europe’s largest community rooftop garden. It is located on the roof of a municipal high-rise garage and has about 50 members who have organized themselves as an association. It is a project worth emulating for climate protection and urban greening, supporting biodiversity, strengthening neighborhoods, and revitalizing unused spaces in Vienna’s densely built-up urban area.

Margarete Eller is one of the members. She originally graduated as a spatial planner and long ago also completed an apprenticeship as a gardener – but no longer practices either profession, 

Like most of the members, she lives in close proximity to the garden. In this lecture she will introduce the Gartenwerkstadt: Idea, origin, structure, working methods and will be available for questions and suggestions.

You can follow the webinar on the youtube canal fo BIOTOPE CITY JOURNAL :