Presentation Colette van Landuyt – second participant in QuoVadis? 2222

Summary: The break between space and time in Western culture resulted in a radical break with nature. Nature is not sensitive to ideologies; it does for its effects. GAIA rebels through reduced biodiversity, climate crisis, global warming and epidemics. Her quartet leads to the squaring of the circle in today’s world and centuries to come.  

QuoVadis? 2222 therefore aims to collaborate with artists, writers and project partners, to evoke space-time in all its nuances in order to make our perception receptive to the complexity and diversity in nature and humans. The Wholeness of all that exists equals the totality of its diversities

Traditionally, the domain of the arts has been the field in which the transition to another space-time paradigm becomes transparent thanks, among else, to the five senses and their synesthesia, like Einstein’s relativity-laws, Freud’s (1856-1939) dream theory, and studies of non-Western cultures inspired a revolution in the arts of the 20th century.

QuoVadis? 2222 space-time perception, therefore, strives for a cultural, non-violent revolution bytransforming Descartes’ Cogito, ergo sum        (I think, thus I am) to Cogito, ergo sumus (I think, therefore we are), because ‘I’ presupposes ‘the Other’.

‘I think, therefore we are’ reconciles the thinking human with its ancestors and nature: ‘yesterday’ is today, and ‘tomorrow’ is today: a boundless here-and-now like nature.

From here follows that GAIA has no idea of Aristoteles’ (384-322 BC) three logical principles: (1) identity; (2) non-contradiction; (3) the excluded third (party) as the logical basisof ICT and its algorithm’s that increasingly influence society. 

ICT is an exceptional cultural product with far-reaching consequences. 

Its “excluded third” is not the “logic” of cyclical-dynamic space-time. 

The“logic” of nature consists in the coherence and interaction of all     that exists in permanent transformation:

Accepting the way / It is and is not and both / And not both, It is! Enlightenment Haiku 23

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