The Biotope City Wienerberg at Vienna contains many qualities that will no longer be immediately visible after completion at the end of 2020. The International Building Exhibition IBA Vienna has now published the brochure “Hidden Treasures”, which describes the hidden treasures of this forward-looking quarter.
BIOTOPE CITY JOURNAL has reported on the concept, planning and implementation of this new quarter with model character for future eco-friendly green cities on several occasions. See An information brochure for residents, the first of whom have already moved in at the end of 2019, is also available online here and gives even to experts a good initial overview of the special qualities of this quarter: 



Phase 1 – interdisziplinary Team:

Harry Glück, urban planning / architecture
Helga Fassbinder, Urban Planning, Biotope City Foundation
Rüdiger Lainer + Partner, urban planning / architecture
Renate Rödel / Franz Sumnitsch, BKK3, urban planning / architecture
Maria Auböck, János Kárácz, open space planning
Andreas Käfer, TraffiX, mobility concept, traffic
Bernhard Scharf, Institute of Engineering Biology and Landscaping, Boku
Margarete Huber, Raimund Gutmann, Wohnbund consult, district development and participation
GESIBA in Kooperation mit Wien Süd und Mischek/Wiener Heim

Phase 2

Glück & Partner, BKK-3 Architektur ZT-GmnH, schluder architektur ZT GmbH, RLP Rüdiger Lainer + Partner, Peretti + Peretti Architekten, HD Architekten ZT GmbH

Landscape architects: 
Auböck + Káràsz Landscape Architects, Knollconsult Umweltplanung ZT GmbH, Carla Lo Landschaftsarchitektur

Lehner Real consulting GmbH, Dipl.Ing Schattovits ZT GmbH

Social sustainability: 
Caritas Stadtteilarbeit

Research Team:
Institut für Landschaftsplanung, BOKU Wien, Foundation Biotope City, Dr. Ronald Mischek ZT, Green4Cities GmbH, auböck+karasz, Rüdiger Lainer + Partner. Sub-Autragnehmer: forschen planen bauen, wohnbundconsult

ARWAG, BUWOG Group, GESIBA, Mischek/Wienerheim, ÖSW, „Wien-Süd“ eGenmbH, Wohnungseigentum, Soravia Group