I am the city



I am the city
Stone, brick, mortar, steel and glass
My arteries are the streets
The sidewalks my veins
My people are the muscles
Of my perambulations
My breath is short
and strained
and I am feverish
I am the city
Nigh on bereft
Of all that is green
My lungs near diminished
I am desperate
And near choking
My very existence
In need of sustenance
And resuscitation
I am the city
Standing in the eleventh hour
With an urgent need
To consort with nature
Her armies of trees and plants
Rising through cement, asphalt,
Brick, mortar, steel and glass
Resurrecting an eternal marriage
Twixt cities and the natural world
I am the city
My muscles of perambulation inspired
Begin planting the canyons of my very existence
Covering my summits with meadows
Abuzz with apiaries of pollination
And aflutter with silken flashes of color
I am the renewed city
I am the living city
I am the city, designed,
by nature!



sources: ©Leora Rosner + free stock images