The Foundation Biotope City was set up in 2004 in Amsterdam.The founding members and board are Helga Fassbinder (Chairperson), Harrie van Helmond (treasurer) and Hans Aarsman (secretary). The Foundation
  • recognizes the dramatic urbanization on earth of the 21st Century and the resulting ecological challenges.
  • works on a vision of the City as a specific form of Nature, which embeds itself as much as possible in natural cycles.
  • searches for examples of a new formal language and beauty that brings its vision to life and makes people experience it visually and emotionally.
  • collects and discusses fragments of a new reflexive thinking in architecture and urbanism that aims a peaceful survival of the human race in its habitat City.
That is why the Foundation is editing a BIOTOPE CITY JOURNAL !

  • Prof. Dr. Helga Fassbinder
  • Ir. Harrie van Helmond
  • Drs. Hans Aarsman
Adress: Leliegracht 43, 1016 GT Amsterdam, Niederlande Mail:

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