Lecture by Dr. Guido Halbig, IPCC and Deutscher Wetterdienst

It gets hotter and drier in the cities – often in summer hardly bearable. At the same time, localized, extreme precipitation is increasing. Do we definitely have to prepare ourselves for this fact? As the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change emphasizes, there is a window of opportunity for a future worth living for humanity on earth. What possibilities are available to us for this, especially in urban areas? Leading climate researchers are represented in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and the climate reports are considered the “gold standard” of climate research. On March 23, the IPCC published its 6th reporting period with a summary of the years of work of over 800 scientists.

Dipl.-Met. Guido Halbig, member of the German IPCC government delegation, will explain the functioning of the IPCC and the origin, structure and central findings of this report and will then work out the most important results for our cities.

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This lecture series is a cooperation between the Foundation Biotopes City, the Institute for Landscape Planning (ILAP) and the Institute of Engineering Biology and Landscaping (IBLB) of the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life, Vienna.