Egon Zippel

Egon Zippel lives in New York. He was born in 1960, in Timisoara, Rumania (his parents were part of the German minority living in Rumania), and moved to Heidelberg, Germany early in his childhood. Upon completing school (humanistic studies, Latin, and ancient Greek), Zippel joined the German military for two years, serving as a drill sergeant. His chief responsibility was the running of a radio unit connecting American and German forces in the CENTAG (Central Army Group) of NATO. Around this time he became a compulsive motor-biker (Moto Guzzi!).

In 1984 Egon Zippel was awarded a Fulbright scholarship which brought him to the University of Texas and New York, where he studied computer graphics at the New York Institute of Technology and worked in an advertising agency. In 1986 he returned to Europe, where he finished his studies in communication design, and spent the next decade living in an abandoned chocolate factory in Heidelberg, Germany (with a two year interruption to explore Milan, Italy). He also studied at the Staedel Frankfurt Art Academy (Institute for New Media: post-graduate studies with Peter Weibel, 1993 – 94).

In 1996 Zippel settled again in New York, where he worked for Nan Goldin for several years. He continues to pursue a diverse career that integrates visual arts, graphics, trend research, journalism and production.

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319 Grand Street, apt. 4
New York, NY 10002
tel 001-917 497 7200