Which one do you prefer?


Wild or not: which do you prefer?


Leora Rosner



Wild gardens in brick jungles offer a softer view. Placed along facades where one would generally never see a garden, because of lack of interest, wild gardens would help create a greener and healthier urban environment.



Which one do you prefer?


We need wild gardens along buildings like these because of...


climate change causing higher temperatures, serious downpours and flooding.


Buildings without wild gardens DO NOT help in flood mitigation.



Although an abundance of rain occasionally brings joy,

too much, too fast, too long and we're in trouble!

So, what's it going to be?



    Buildings with wild gardens do help with flood mitigation!



Do you want this                         or                         that?


Or would you rather walk ankle deep in the rain?



Even here a wild plant(s) makes a difference.


With a little luck, burning tenacity and bolder policies we can

achieve wild gardens in the places where

they are needed most in our brick jungles.