VIENNA: city supports greening façades financially and started a green wall photo competition


Vienna supports greening façades in a remarkable way. The municipality explains their motivation for this on the homepage of the Administration of Environment, the MA 22, under the title “Grounded reasons for green walls” (“Gute Gründe für grüne Wände” – which is a linguistic alliteration).

Quote: “Green façades are an important contribution to changing climate in the cities. This is because green walls can influence local climate in a positive manner by cooling, providing shade and evaporation. In addition in the winter wintergreen plants have an insulating effect and help lower the cost of heating. Further advantages of green façades are that the leaves bind detrimental particles and dust in the air. Green façades supplement city greening in Vienna for all those locations where there is no space for planting trees. Green façades are possible nearly everywhere, success is soon visible and costs and effort for care are low.”

But Vienna does not limit efforts to verbal encouragement. The city financially supports greening façades as well. Everyone can download an application for support from the web (to the amount of about € 2.500) and ask for building constructional advice for her or his façade.

The most recent impulse is a photo competition. People can send their photos of their favorite green façades by posting the images online until October 15. This to enthuse the citizens “to walk around in the city with open eyes for the green niches and natural oasis of Vienna. The main issue is to stimulate pleasure in discovering and presenting their favorite photo to a broad public”.
For those who are not able or haven’t the time to take photos the competition provides another stimulus: they can participate in the jury and select the most beautiful photos openly on the web.
Here is the appeal for the photo competition on the web:

By the way, the city has led the way through a pioneer project of greening: the façade of the building of the administration for waste management (MA 48) has been completely greened. On, in total, 850 square meters of façade, metal planters were mounted with a totaling 2.850 meters. These planters were planted with about 17.000 plants, mainly perennials, grasses and herbs. BIOTOPE CITY has reported this project: It is a pilot project which is continuously observed by the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (Universität für Bodenkultur Wien) for its use of energy and water and its effects on the environment.

Information on the website of City of Vienna: