VIENNA: the building of MA 48 one year after finishing

The building of the Department MA 48 of the local administration in Vienna is covered with a new system for vertical green which has an electronic watering system and allows planting with various local plants.
One of the reasons to do this is a scientific one: what are the effects to micro particals pollution on a very stressy traffic route. That's why the system also is equipped with measuring apperature.

See an article about this project by Bernhard Scharf and Ulrike Pitha.

Now one year later the façade is already nearly covered by green. Within a short time we will get the first results of the research. Here some photos taken at  2012-05-05 and - even greener - 2012-06-18.

(Photos: Helga Fassbinder)





    The construction of the green façade technique... then and now in 2012.