The Urbanity of wild Plants: a photo reportage


The Urbanity of Wild Plants


Leora Rosner


Cooperation is  the wild plants' middle name,


up against grey facades


or a world of red brick.


Urban spread amongst wild plants,


can be true developement in acceptance of their presence.


Wild plants needn't be fenced out


for they too enjoy a pole dance


helping to entice bees, other pollinators, butterflies and ladybugs.


They may try to knock on your door


and should you open your door you will spy one looking pretty in pink,


another glowing yellow


and yet another working in a close colorful harmony.


They might stand alone


or in concert with others.


Step by step


circling the detritus of the city


adding a flash of green 


they begin to hug the buildings


in their quest to quietly and gently green our cities.