'STANDING GARDEN' - "Dutch Green Building Award 2012"

In the neighborhood of the Rail Corner in Arnhem a 'Standing Garden' is realized. This is a steeply, vertically standing green garden.
It has a basis of sedum and grasses where a wide range of plants and shrubs can be added.
Basic baskets, filled with lava stones are stacked to great heights. An integrated irrigation system provides a basic water requirement.
Rainwater can be buffered. Depending on the circumstances, one can use an independent unit standing infront of the building or a wall unit hunging against the wall.

The wall in the Spoohoek has been placed in 2 days. The baskets were pre-planted on the yard of the gardener.


Green facades should be accessible for ordinary residential buildings or residential works.
For these projects a basic module is developed: The "green brick".
Both can be used as outer layer or as cladding in the hall construction.
For each project, the module can be adjusted in size and in shape, depending on the desired image, or the architecture of the building.

STANDING GARDEN is an idea of NEXIT architects and Poelmans Reesink landscape architecture.


There is a growing demand for "green" wrap of buildings in dense urban
areas. The benefits of green elements on buildings in the city have
been studied extensively in the past years and have been shown on several exemples. The advantages are:

1. The quality of the environment in general; visual quality.
2. Increased heat buffer or resistance against heating due to sun especially for the exterior of the built environment too.
3. Increased water storage capacity of the building. Smaller peak in release of rainwater after extreme rainfall.
4. Filtering of the air particulate reduction
5. Improve the habitat for urban birds.







Order:Gemeente Arnhem www.arnhem.nl
co-financiering: ministerie van LnV en Provincie Gelderland - Design: NEXIT architecten.www.nexitarchitecten.nl and Buro Poelmans Reesink landschaparchitectuur www.poelmansreesink.nl - co-financiering: Stimuleringsfonds voor Architectuur www.architectuurfonds.nl - Engineering: ABT, Velp www.ABT.eu - Construction: Gerritsen Bouwgroep b.v., Rheden www.gerritsenbouwgroep.nl - Vegetatieontwikkeling, prefabricatie korven en onderhoud: Koninklijke Ginkel groep, Veenendaal www.ginkelgroep.nl - Contact: NEXIT architecte- Fotos: Thea van den Heuvel and NEXIT architects