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In 2015 the City of Paris arranged a competition for ideas about different locations in the city. The title of the competition was “Reinventer Paris,”  offering buildable plots of land to design teams with innovative projects.

350 ideas were presented by architects. 75 of them were shown on the exhibition 'Ré-inventer Paris' in the Pavillon d'Arsenal in march to may 2016.

One of the very interesting projects is that by Maison Edouard François, Paris, internationally known by his projects  ' Tower Flower ' and 'Eden Bio'. 
The title of this new project is 'Mont-Manger' , Mount-Eting, with a reference to the tradition of the famous french cooking.

In the land of gourmet cooking, everything is accelerating.  Meats, fish, vegetables, flour, salt, oils, and other condiments are leaving the industrial world and become once again virtuous.  Small-scale agricultural producers are being prioritized and reorganized into “production basins,” creating new edible landscapes.  Each region contributes to this new offering through its specificity, its geography, and its climate as well its seasonality and biodiversity.  Respect for nature, life cycles, and freshness is forging new agricultural practices.  Distribution networks are getting shorter and traceability means everything.

On the sites Triangle Eole-Evangile site located in eastern Paris, a group of actors that includes the developer URBEM, the architectural office Maison Edouard François, and the master chef Arnaud Daguin have responded to the call for tenders.  The group proposes to materialize spaces on the Triangle Eole-Evangile site that will be dedicated to new practices of food distribution.  These will be included within a much bigger program made up of housing, services, and offices.

A logistic hub will be created on the site.  It will bring together virtuous products that come from the new production basins in order to redistribute them to the city through optimized deliveries by small electric trucks, both ecological and silent. 

An operating company will be associated with the hub that is in charge of sourcing and selecting the products in advance so that they may be distributed later to new consumers.  These new consumers will include restaurant owners and professionals, of course, but also individuals.

This company will also control the site logistics so that distribution can be oriented according to needs.  There will also be a place for presenting these new goods which will be adjacent and complementary to the hub.  Immense, it will become the new covered market of Paris, dedicated to new production basins.  Its attractiveness will be reinforced by an iconic architecture of the building and interior spaces created by the best designers of the moment.  Over time, the place will become a cultural and societal destination.  








PROGRAM Market, logistics center, FabLab, residential, restaurants
TEAM Maison Edouard François
AREA 36 500 m²