Thijs de Zeeuw

Thijs de Zeeuw was born in Amsterdam in 1976 and is still living there. He used to roam around the urban wastelands watching birds, catching butterflies when he was a child. There he found out that the city is a real jungle with all the restrictions and possibilities that come with a jungle.

He studied Landscape Architecture in Wageningen (Bachelor) and has obtained his Masters at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam in 2011 in the direction landscape architecture.
He has worked as a landscape designer at B+B Urban Design and Landscape Architecture, and is now working as a landscape architect for H+N+S Landschapsarchitecten. He has specialised in water and ecology projects and is involved in Room for the River Projects and projects dealing with ‘new nature’ like the EHS.

His graduation project on the Academy of Architecture brought his childhood fascination and his profession together: A design for an urban nature reserve:” The (un)conditional garden”. The design aims to show the richness of urban ecology and tries to enhance the encounter between man and everything natural in his surroundings. Since the traditional perception of nature with its archaic landscapes does not apply on the urban jungle and therefore Thijs searched for a new image of nature with his design.