Sema Bekiroviç


Semâ Bekirovic
1e Keuchieniusstraat 32j
1051HS Amsterdam

sema 119

Represented by:

Gallery Diana Stigter (NL)




UDK, Berlin, DE, 2002-2003, guest student
Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL, 1998-2002
2010 CEAC, Xiamen, CN
2009 CEAC, Xiamen, CN
2008 European post graduate residency, Hoyerwerda, DE
2005-2006 Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten/Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
2006 Leijang Studios, CN
Solo exhibitions
2010 Hayward Gallery Project space, London UK
2008 Galerie Diana Stigter,'How to stop falling', NL
2007 Buro Leeuwarden,’The elements are colored’, NL
2007 De paraplufabriek, ‘Smet’, Nijmegen,NL
2006 Bouwbedrijf PRC, Bodegraven, NL
2004 De Appel, Amsterdam,’Promise’ NL
2004 Palthehuis, Oldenzaal, NL
Group exhibitions
2011 Brief Histories, Sharah, UAE
2010 21 Rozendaal, Mogen we ook tijdelijk. Enschede, NL
2010 Flachlandfest, Berlin, DE
2010 Dutch Culture Centre Shanghai, Dialogue, CN
2010 On Demand, Tegenboschvanvrede, Amsterdam, NL
2010 Spaarnestadfoto, 'Ode', Haarlem, NL
2010 Huize Frankendael, Oh Crisis, Amsterdam, NL
2010 Landschap 1, Kunsthuis Bergen, Bergen, NL
2009 21 Rozendaal, '1 UP', Enschede, NL
2009 Flux-S, Eindhoven, NL
2009 Galerie Tanya Rumpff, Voorbeeldig, Haarlem, NL
2009 Centre for Contemporary Photography, On the line, Fitzroy, AU
2008 Noord Holland Biennale 'Noord Holland verdwijnt', Vishal Haarlem,NL
2008 European post graduate residency, Hoyerwerda, DE
2008 Cabinet of curiosities, Manifesta7 parallel event, Rovereto, IT
2008 W139 Basement, Satelite Station, NL
2008 Art Amsterdam/Galerie Diana Stigter, NL
2008 Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam and Dorottya Gallery Budapest,'pages',NL/HU
2008 Art Rotterdam/ Diana Stigter, NL
2008 CCNOA, 'seen and not seen, Brussels, BE
2007 Nederlandse ambassade Berlijn, DL
2007 Galleria Klerkx, ‘Birds of prey’, Milaan, IT
2007 Nieuwe Vide, ‘Data, Haarlem, NL
2007 Stedelijk Museum Post CS, ‘Drawing typologies’, Amsterdam,NL
2007 High Enegy Constructs, ‘Internal mechanism’, Los Angeles, US
2007 Prix de Rome, Witte de With, Rotterdam, NL
2007 Nieuwe Vide, ‘Data’, Haarlem, NL
2007 Art Amsterdam/Diana Stigter, NL
2007 Stay Tuned, Schloss Ringenberg, DL
2007 Arcipelago Olanda, Milaan, IT
2007 Art Rotterdam/ Diana Stigter, NL
2007 Stedelijk Museum Bureau, Amsterdam, Capricious, NL
2006 Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, 'Open Ateliers' , Amsterdam, NL,
2006 Parts, Xiamen City, 'Rijksakademie at Parts', CN
2006 Mart House, Amsterdam, NL
2006 CBK Dordrecht, 'Art Primeur Revisited', Dordrecht, NL
2006 Exposorium Vrije Universiteit, 'Decisive Image' Amsterdam, NL
2005 Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, 'Open Ateliers', Amsterdam, NL
2007 Fonds BKVB,Basisbeurs,NL
2006 Arcadis BV
2005 PRC B.V.
2004 Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam, NL, starter stipend
2002 VSB Fonds, NL
2002 Berlage Fonds, Amsterdam, NL
2009 Let's pretend this never happened, screening, Los Angeles, USA
2009 Casz Zuidas Urbanscreen Festival,comissioned work, Amsterdam NL
2008 De stad als podium, Video projection, De Hallen, Haarlem
Prizes and nominations .
2010 Nomination, Frtischy Prize
2008 Nomination, Illy Prize.
2007 Nomination, Prix de rome
Publications& Reviews
2010 Artist of the week, online Guardian, UK
2010 Kunstbeeld, by Manon Braat, NL
2009 Oog Magazine, comissioned work, NL
2009 Lay Flat magazine, US
2007 VPRO, radio De Avonden, inteview, NL
2007 NCRV, tv, Natuur in de stad, interview, NL
2007 Trouw, De zin van, newspaper interview, NL
2007 NCRV radio Cappuccino, interview, NL
2007 Recensie, Volkskrant, NL
2007 Broedplaats van plastic, by Kees Moeliker, NRC, NL
2002 Publication, Volkskrant, NL
2004 De Turbentia newspaper review, NL
2004 de Volkskrant newspaper review, NL
2004 Capricious, US
Artist books
2007 Eens Tijdlooschrift (with Katja Mater and Robert Wechsler).
2007 Book: Koet, published by Veenman Publishers


The Guardian about Semira:

"From Leonardo's experiments with flight to Damien Hirst's Pharmacy, art and science have a long history. In the hands of young Dutch artist Semâ Bekirovic, however, this double act seems an endlessly fascinating, human quirk.

The 32-year-old Amsterdam-based artist tackles the ongoing struggle between culture and nature with wit and offbeat intelligence. Though her work includes sculpture, video, photography and drawing, it often feels more like an experiment with chance. She's made a sculpture from smoke contained in a glass box, and she's used snails to mess up the simple order of a geometric drawing with a random trail of slime. What looked like a series of abstract geometric spray paintings were actually incinerated wooden shelves, rescued from a house fire.

Bekirovic brings a touching sense of futility to these attempts to harness disorder, summed up in her photographic series, Maps. This depicts large paper maps crumpled into the shape of mountains, or draped like waterfalls – their cartography an even paler imitation of the real thing than the artist's ad-hoc sculptures.

Ideas from the realm of physics have recently caught Bekirovic's interest. Her current exhibition, at London's Hayward Project Space, riffs on the relationship between matter, space and the friction between the two. Here those classic instruments of chance, white dice – fresh from the factory, paint-free – have been configured into an ethereal-looking sculpture, hanging from the ceiling like a wisp of cloud or an atomic model. In one of the show's video works, a man dressed as a black hole walks towards the camera until the big circle of nothingness on his chest seems to swallow everything. The world might be chaotic, she suggests, but that doesn't stop us trying to give it shape.

Why we like her: In Koet (2007), an ingenious piece of animal art, , Bekirovic collaborated with coots, coaxing the water birds into building their nests with her own possessions. Realised as a photobook and slide show, the work shows the birds making off with money, bits of comic book, pink ribbons and photos, and weaving them into hippyish, ragtag nests. It's an endearing experiment in letting go – both of your material belongings and artistic control.

Daddy cool: Bekirovic says her romantic image of science goes back to her dad: a trained physicist and backyard inventor. His greatest creation was a magic carpet, which he explained to his children in a series of highly detailed diagrams. If challenged on its veracity, he would claim that the only thing preventing him making it were the materials – far too expensive."