Paolo Portoghesi

Paolo Portoghesi (born 2 November 1931, Rome) is an Italian architect, theorist, historian and professor of architecture at the University La Sapienzain Rome. He is a former President of the architectural section of the Venice Biennale (1979-92), Editor-in-chief of the journal Controspazio (1969-83), and dean of the Faculty of Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano university (1968-78).

He has specialized in teaching and researching Classical architecture, especially Baroque architecture, and in particular Borromini but also Michelangelo. His interest in more contemporary architecture coincided largely with that of his colleague in Rome, Bruno Zevi,  in championing a more organic form of modernism, evident in, for instance, the work of Victor Horta and Frank Lloyd Wright and in Italy with neorealismand the Neo-Liberty style. This attitude has continued throughout Portoghesi's career, and is clearly visible in his own architecture. It is also evident in his concern for the studies of nature, brought to the fore in his more recent book Nature and Architecture (2000).