Kurt Tucholsky


Kurt Tucholsky (January 9, 1890 – December 21, 1935) was a German-Jewish journalist, satirist and writer. He also wrote under the pseudonyms Kaspar Hauser, Peter Panter, Theobald Tiger and Ignaz Wrobel. Born in Berlin-Moabit, he moved to Paris in 1924 and then to Sweden in 1930.
Tucholsky was one of the most important journalists of the Weimar Republic. As a politically engaged journalist and temporary co-editor of the weekly magazine Die Weltbühne he proved himself to be a social critic in the tradition of Heinrich Heine. He was simultaneously a satirist, an author of satirical political revues, a songwriter and a poet. He saw himself as a left-wing democrat and pacifist and warned against anti-democratic tendencies – above all in politics, the military and justice – and the threat of National Socialism. His fears were confirmed when the Nazis came to power in 1933: his books were listed on the Nazi's censorship as "Entartete Kunst" ("Degenerate Art") and burned, and he lost his German citizenship.

In 1930 Tucholsky finally moved permanently to the Swedish town of Hindås near Gothenburg. The "Weltbühne Trial" had made clear to him that critical publications already faced severe restrictions in Germany.

From 1931 Tucholsky's voice was to be heard less and less often in the press. His last major piece was published on November 8, 1932 in the Weltbühne. It was merely "snippets", as he called his aphorisms. On January 17, 1933, he appeared in the Weltbühne again with a short note from Basel.
Tucholsky was increasingly losing the strength to write longer literary forms. He presented the Rowohlt publishing house with the outline of a novel but political developments in Germany prevented him from carrying out the project. In 1933 the Nazis closed down the Weltbühne, burned Tucholsky's books and expatriated him.

Weakened by the chronic illness, on the evening of December 20, 1935 Tucholsky took an overdose of sleeping tablets in his house in Hindås, he died on the evening of December 21.


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