Kaveh Samiei

Architect and Landscape designer at AAG.
Faculty member, University of Semnan, Tehran, Iran.

Kaveh Samiei is founder, principal architect and landscape designer at AAG. in Tehran, and faculty member in school of architecture and urban planning at the University of Semnan, where he teaches ecological architecture; fundamentals of ecology; contemporary styles of architecture; and Persian and Japanese gardening. Kaveh’s current interests include theoretical, methodological and practical approaches to sustainable- ecological architecture and urban design in context of modern urban areas with emphasis on urban ecology, vertical greenery (green roofs, facades) and design of wildlife habitats. In fact he works and researches on the frontier between architecture and landscape architecture. As a registered architect in Iran, he is also an expert in designing ecological high-rise residential complexes. Kaveh received a BA in Architecture and MArch in Architecture and Landscape design (Dual degree) with distinction from Tarbiat Modares University at Tehran. His comprehensive website, “ArchiNature”, about ideas, theories and experiences of combining architecture and cities with nature is currently under construction.