Iris Holstein

Iris made her master in scenography at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (HfG/ZKM). During her studies she focused on performance, performed space and light design.

She collaborates with the media artist Matthias Hederer since 2001. Together they call themselfes "Iris-A-Maz" and are working on performed spaces and botanical media art projects.

From 2003 through 2006 Iris took part at the think tank "Büro für Raumfragen". Her final degree project was a interactive music/video performance named: "Turfgala" (2004), it was awarded second prize at Congress for Scenography Dortmund 2006.

She has participated at the IRIS-A-MAZ expedition "Paradise is over the ocean" to Sydney in 2006/07. That project was an exploration of the vegetation of the citycentre of Sydney inspired by the first Cook expedition 1769/71.

After a short artist in residency at PACT Zollverein Essen (2007) she started to work as an stagedesign assisent and stagedesigner at Theater Freiburg and Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg.  Actually she is working with Matthias Hederer as IRIS-A-MAZ on new media installations concerning artificial nature and performed spaces.