Else Mechant

Dr. ir. Els Mechant started her career at Ghent University, Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Department of Plant production (2004-2011; Belgium) with a PhD on herbicide-resistance in the weed Chenopodium album. In 2012, she started working at PCS Ornamental Plant Research (Destelbergen, Belgium) as researcher and project developer. PCS is a private non-profit research institute for ornamental horticulture, tree nursery and professional green management. The institute is experienced and specialized in bottom-up and applied research aimed at improving culture methods. PCS aims to create a bridge between end-users (1000 member SMEs of growers, green managers and horticultural supply industry), researchers (own research and translation of academic results to on-farm practices) and policy makers. After several research projects on different themes within the ornamental sector (nutrient and water management, crop protection …), Els Mechant recently shifted focus onto professional green management and green infrastructure. At present, she is – among other things – responsible  for a research project (2015-2019) on green walls and vertical gardens at PCS. 



Research & project development
Green management & infrastructure
PCS Ornamental Plant Research

Schaessestraat 18
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